At Everpower, R & D is a continuous process and department has consistently produced innovative concepts that have now become industry standards. A highly qualified and experienced technical personnel keeps an eye upon the latest development in technology and the product to supply a prime quality product at competitive price.

1. Our highly experienced design engineers prepare the complete design for each quote supported by our in-house high speed computer optimization programs.

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2. Everpower 3-Dimension Design software carries on the transformer three dimensional design detailed process which based on the transformer electromagnetism computation's foundation (including general equipment department, tank, iron core, body carries in three dimensional design as well as assembly drawing the exterior appendix like high and low voltage bushing, oil conservator and so on three dimensional design) , As well as in design process three-dimensional model establishment detailed step (including plan schematic diagram, characteristic operation, assembly).


EVERPOWER electric industries co.,ltd | transformer


3.  New Material -High Energy efficient Amorphous Metal Material Core

Did you Know !
By using Amorphous Metal, the Core Loss of a Transformer can be reduced by a whopping 75% - resulting in enormous energy savings.
Technical Parameters of
Amorphous Alloy Transformer Core
1.        Material:
Amorphous alloy ribbon 2605SA1, Hitachi, Japan
2.        Operating Flux Density
Typical Single Phase: 1.3-1.4 Tesla
Typical Three Phase: 1.25-1.35 Tesla
3.        Core Space Factor:
Guaranteed Minimum: 86%
4.        No-load Core Loss and Exciting Power(see Fig.1 and Fig.2):
EVERPOWER electric industries co.,ltd | transformer    EVERPOWER electric industries co.,ltd | transformer  
 5.        Core Design Standards (see Fig.3)
1)       Ribbon width:142mm; 170mm; 213mm;
2)       Window-height (A): 180~1200 mm;
3)       Window-width (B): 55~800 mm;
4)       Stack thickness (C): 0~180 mm;
5)       Stack thickness of overlap(E): C×1.18~1.25 mm;
6)       Window Fillet (R): 6.4+/- 1.5 mm;
7)       Outermost layer shearing length: not more than 5000mm;
8)       Epoxy resin is coated on the core surface, not more than 2mm each side.
9)       Note: The special requirements, including the core structure of three-phase three-column, can be processed in accordance with the specific requirements of the design.
EVERPOWER electric industries co.,ltd | transformer 
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