EVERPOWER offers a complete range of services for the care and
maintenance of transformers, from carrying out external evalsuations and
field-testing to undertaking full relocations projects.
  •     Before –Sales
Everpower excels at helping customers find ways to reduce cost. Using computer programs design
calculations enable millions of interative calculations converging to a very optimum design.
  •    After-Sales
1.        Transformer Accessories :
Everpower provides a complete line of transformer components and accessories, which they
are available in stock and can be ready to ship for emergency needs.
2.        Everpower offers a full range of after sales service:
Tracing the quality of the product; site installation and commission; training customer staff ;
periodical customer visit, and so on.
  •     Warranty Policy
a)        The guarantee of the individual transformer to be supplied shall be for 18 (Eighteen) months from the date of delivery against any delivery manufacturing defect on account of improper design, bad workmanship or poor quality of raw material used etc. and any such defects occurring within the above period will be repaired/replaced by us free of cost, provided the maintenance of transformer are done as per relevant specification.
b)        All claims under this warranty must be submitted in writing to EVERPOWER within 30 days of the occurrenceUpon receipt of such noticeEVERPOWER shall promptly repair or replace the defective GOODS or part thereof without any cost.
c)        The warranty shall be void if (a) the equipment is damaged by the customer, is improperly used, is subjected to an adverse operating environment, or is operated outside the limits of its electrical specifications; (b) the equipment is repaired or modified by anyone who is not  familiar with this product. or (c) has been used in a manner contrary to the product's operating manual or other written instructions.


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