We shall be committed to achieve customer satisfaction by designing, manufacturing and supplying transformers and construction, erection, testing & commissioning of turnkey projects in line with contract requirements including applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and exceeding customers’ expectations through continual improvement.



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 EVERPOWER  is certified for ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 company. EVERPOWER has set up a complete quality management system to offer the best customer satisfaction. Nothing has a higher priority than quality in engineering, in manufacturing, in sales and in services.


Everpower Transformer Test

EVERPOWER is equipped to manufacture transformers whether it is a Single / Three phase, Distribution & power transformer, Dry type nomex transformer, oil filled transformers or Package substation with a wide range of internationally recognized standards.
All transformers are subjected to all routine tests in factory confirming to latest national and international standard specifications. Tests are intended for use for the basic validation of design and the basis for performance, safety, and reliability of the transformers.Everpower Single phase Transformer Impulse Test

Routine Tests

Following Routine Tests are made on every unit.
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Resistance measurement of winding
  • Turns Ratio Test
  • Polarity and phase relationship test
  • No Load losses measurement
  • Excitation current measurement
  • Impedance voltage test
  • Load Loss measurement
  • Insulation oil Test
  • Dielectric tests includes applied voltage test and induced voltage test.
  • Leakage Test of transformer tank
Type Tests

The following type and special tests can be carried out for the transformer new design or customer’s request:
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • Lighting Impulse Test
  • Short Circuit Test
  • Noise Level Test


Quality Policy
Since its conception, EVERPOWER’s manufacturing facilities have maintained the highest standards of quality control and assurance adhering to the self enunciated operating procedures for efficient process that can adapt to the changing and challenging needs of the customer.
Everpower Designs, Manufactures and Supplies "CUSTOMIZED TRANSFORMERS" to meet the wide range of global market and ensures support services to enhance Customer satisfaction.
Valid quality management system is throughout of the whole manufacturing process
Enhance industrial productivity, growth and profitability through stringent quality standards & continuous improvement and automation.
Reinforce & retain a distinguished position of leadership in the industry through strategic thinking, dedicated in-house R & D, and consistent customer oriented innovation, both in technology and in service.
Providing timely, defect free transformer and related electrical products for Power and Distribution Transmission
Optimized design and effective process that could help us in continual improvement in different processes for minimum ownership cost to the Customer.
We listen to our customers, anticipate their needs and seek to exceed their expectations prior to them having to ask.
Exceeding our customers’ expectations for product quality and service in all areas of the organization is everpower’s goals.
Realize our quality policy, daily improvements will be coupled with individual and team innovations.
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