11KV IEC pole mounted transformers

11kv transformer,iec single-phase transformer, pole-mounted transformer

EVERPOWER electric industries co.,ltd | transformerThe single-phase oil-filled pole-mounted distribution transformers are specifically designed for the decentralization distribution network of servicing residential overhead distribution loads of town and countryside. They are also suitable for light and diversified power applications.
The single-phase oil-filled pole-mounted distribution transformers with a rating in the range of 16 kVA to 200 kVA, connected by open bushings suitable for outdoor service and designed to be mounted on the support structures of overhead lines.
Single-phase pole mounted oil transformer with C.R.G.O core material or Amorphous material, which can be chosed by customer.

Standards: IEC 60076 / BS 171

Rating: 16kva,25kVA,50kVA,100kVA,200kVA

Voltage Ratio: 6600/250V
Hz: 50

Standards: IEC 60076 / BS 171

1. Complete sealing construction and equipped with self-sealing pressure release device.
2. Cover mounted high-voltage bushing with longer creepage distance and equipped with arcing horns per BS standard.
3. One piece fasten ring prolongs the life of the transformer, facilitates inspection and maintains even pressure around the entire rim.
4. EXternally-operable, tap changer switches for safe operation
5. supplied with Oil temperature / Oil level gauge.

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