Low Voltage Reactor

Dry Type Iron-Core Reactor are suit for power system of AC 50 Hz rated operating voltage up to 6~35KV, with high voltage capacitor group in series. It can restrain from the high harmonic closing surge and operating over-voltage. It will make capacitor group work safely, improve the net voltage waveform, enhance the power supply quality and make power net work economically.
low voltage reactor-everpower
• Adopting epoxy resin formed solid insulation structure, three phase integrated, with silicon steel sheet as magnetic medium, framework structure composed of iron yoke, high fill factor iron column. Its coil is composed of multiple encapsulations and shunt wound with multi-strand flat copper conductor with small bore so as to effectively reduce the volume and loss.
• The reactor core and winding are not submerged into any liquid, its cooling mode is air self-cooling, free of oil leak and is convenient for manufacturing and maintenance.
• Multiple encapsulated reactor coil encapsulated chamber has axial heat emission air flue, with perfect heat dispersion.
• The reactor coil and iron core, after undergoing hot setting, have perfect electric insulation property and compact structure, with small installation dimension and space.

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